About Us

Drop Dead Vapors is an E-liquid company founded by music industry producers The Dead Beatz. For those who haven't heard of The Dead Beatz, surely you have heard of Rick Ross, Twiztid, Shady Records, Bad Boy Records, Kevin Hart, or at some point have found yourself watching television networks such as: MTV, VH1, or Oxygen. If you answered yes to knowing any of these then chances are you have heard their music you just didn't know it. To make a long story short, the guys spent many nights in the studio obtaining the success they have accrued to date. With those long days and nights came thousands of hours sitting around the studio inhaling cigarettes and the second hand smoke after the fact. With the birth of the electronic cigarette market The Dead Beatz found themselves at a crossroads to a healthier lifestyle. Choosing to give the healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes a chance, the guys immediately found themselves engorged in the Vape Life. 

 Enjoying their new healthy alternative they found themselves wanting more. More flavor, more of the latest and greatest technology in vaping. While technology never seems to disappoint, e-liquids haven't seemed to jump leaps and bounds in accordance to the technology. There are MANY outstanding juices on the market today, there are also many horrible mixes on the shelves as well. Like their musical production, they aim to be the best at what they do. Drop Dead Vapors only uses the finest USP grade VG, nicotine, and food grade flavorings for our liquids. The key to a great, fresh vape is superior quality ingredients and you will find nothing less in every bottle of our ultra premium liquids.

 At Drop Dead Vapors we strive to be the industry leader in everything we do. If you notice, most of our liquids are musically themed to go hand in hand with our passion, which is music. We aim to be the best in our music so it only makes sense to bring the best flavors to your palate that you have ever experienced in your personal vaporizer as well.